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Araragi: I sincerely apologise for this jarring and unexpected development,
Araragi: but it appears I have been kidnapped.
Araragi: This happened ten days into summer vacation on July 29th.
Araragi: No, it's possible that it's already the 30th.
Senjougahara: Oh, you're awake, Araragi-kun.
Senjougahara: I'm glad. I was worried that you might have died.
Senjougahara: Are you all right? Does the back of your head hurt?
Araragi: Senjougahara, remove these handcuffs.
Senjougahara: No.
Araragi: I knew it! You're the culprit!
Senjougahara: I see...
Senjougahara: That's quite the theory you have there,
Senjougahara: assuming you have proof.
Araragi: I guessed the minute you chose to confine me at this cram school.
Araragi: Now take off the handcuffs!
Senjougahara: No.
Senjougahara: No. Also, I can't. I've thrown away the key.
Araragi: Seriously?!
Senjougahara: I also threw away the antidote.
Araragi: You poisoned me, too?!
Senjougahara: That was a lie.
Senjougahara: Although, it might come true if you don't do as I say.
Senjougahara: Float like a butterfly; sting like a butterfly!
Araragi: Butterflies don't sting!
Senjougahara: I made a mistake.
Senjougahara: Good for you. You were able to point out my mistake.
Senjougahara: Take pride in this moment forever.
Araragi: What's with this new method of admitting your mistakes?
Senjougahara: The correct word was "bee".
Araragi: Bee poison is strong, isn't it?
Senjougahara: Don't worry.
Senjougahara: Araragi-kun, I'll protect you.
Senjougahara: You won't die.
Senjougahara: I'm protecting you.
Araragi: I'd prefer to enjoy this conversation...
Araragi: ...without unnecessary Evangelion references.
Araragi: And, um, Gahara-san?
Araragi: I'm hungry and kind of thirsty.
Araragi: Do you want to get something to eat around here?
Senjougahara: I expected a worm-like fool such as yourself to say that,
Senjougahara: so I brought several items with me.
Araragi: Oh, did you?
Araragi: Then give me something to drink.
Senjougahara: You want to drink it?
Araragi: Well, I guess...
Senjougahara: But I'm going to drink it.
Senjougahara: It's good.
Senjougahara: Why are you looking at me so longingly?
Senjougahara: No one said it was going to be given to you.
Senjougahara: Or did you think that I'd feed it to you mouth-to-mouth?
Senjougahara: My, Araragi-kun...
Senjougahara: You're so naughty.
Araragi: In this situation, only Kanbaru would come up with that!
Senjougahara: Is that so?
Senjougahara: But what about the time that I made out with you?
Araragi: Don't bring that up in this setting!
Senjougahara: All right, then.
Senjougahara: If you absolutely must drink it, I'll let you.
Araragi: I absolutely must drink it.
Senjougahara: Has this man no pride?
Senjougahara: To say something so humiliating from a simple desire for water...
Senjougahara: Wouldn't it be better for you if you died?
Araragi: She really seems to be enjoying this.
Senjougahara: Very well. Since you're so insistent...
Senjougahara: ...and so pathetic that I can't bear to look at you,
Senjougahara: I'll give you some water out of sympathy.
Senjougahara: Be grateful, you water-drinking bird.
Araragi: "Water-drinking bird" isn't really an insult, is it?
Senjougahara: Lick it.
Senjougahara: What's wrong?
Senjougahara: You're thirsty, aren't you?
Senjougahara: So stretch out your tongue,
Senjougahara: and naughtily lick it like a giraffe.
Araragi: Hey, Senjougahara.
Senjougahara: What?
Senjougahara: Aren't you thirsty?
Senjougahara: Or was that a lie?
Senjougahara: Liars should be punished.
Araragi: I'll lick it!
Araragi: I'll totally lick it!
Araragi: Please let me lick it!
Senjougahara: How pathetic.
Senjougahara: The most pathetic ever.
Senjougahara: No normal person would do this just for some water.
Senjougahara: I'm sure you're a pervert who enjoys licking girls' fingers, right?
Araragi: Senjougahara-san was enjoying herself so much that I thought she'd explode.
Senjougahara: It's such a wonderful picture. I want to set it as my cell phone wallpaper.
Araragi: Yeah? I'm glad to hear it.
Araragi: Then next, I'd like a rice ball.
Senjougahara: All right. I'm in one of my rare generous moods.
Senjougahara: What do you want in your rice ball?
Araragi: It doesn't matter.
Senjougahara: An apathetic reply. Do you prefer bread?
Araragi: That's not really it.
Araragi: And as far as I can tell, you haven't bought any bread.
Senjougahara: That's true. I only brought rice balls.
Araragi: I won't request something you don't have.
Senjougahara: If you don't have bread to eat, you can eat cake.
Araragi: Too tyrannical...
Senjougahara: I was raised amidst butterflies and bees.
Araragi: That should be "butterflies and flowers"!
Senjougahara: I didn't have much time today, so I got lunch from a convenience store.
Senjougahara: But don't worry, Araragi-kun.
Senjougahara: Starting tomorrow, I'll make your lunch myself.
Araragi: What is this?
Araragi: Her motives remain unclear.
Araragi: Oh, right.
Araragi: Her motives are totally clear.
Senjougahara: Don't worry.
Senjougahara: Araragi-kun, I'll protect you.
Araragi: To protect me, right?
Araragi: She's probably serious.
Araragi: By the way, Senjougahara.
Araragi: How am I supposed to use the bathroom here?
Senjougahara: Don't worry.
Senjougahara: I'll change your nappies.
Senjougahara: Didn't you know?
Senjougahara: I love you, Araragi-kun.
Senjougahara: I love you so much that I could embrace you without hesitation,
Senjougahara: even if you were entirely covered in faeces.
Senjougahara: Including your brain, I will manage your entire body...
Senjougahara: ...from ingestion to excretion.
Araragi: Her love is too extreme!
Araragi: Over summer break, I'm being tutored each day,
Araragi: except for Sundays, by Senjougahara.
Araragi: And also by Hanekawa,
Araragi: who has some of the school's best grades.
Araragi: But on that Saturday, July 29th,
Araragi: Hanekawa, with whom I was to study...
Hanekawa: Something that I absolutely can't avoid came up.
Hanekawa: I'll make it up to you the day after tomorrow.
Araragi: And so, I have nothing to do.
Karen: Oh, Onii-chan...
Karen: Don't you have your tutoring session today?
Araragi: Yeah.
Araragi: Hey, where is she?
Tsukihi: "She"?
Araragi: My older little sister.
Tsukihi: Karen-chan's out.
Araragi: Don't get into any trouble, you two.
Tsukihi: I resent that. We aren't planning anything.
Tsukihi: You're always this way.
Tsukihi: You always treat us like children.
Tsukihi: You worry too much.
Araragi: I'm not worried.
Araragi: I just don't trust you.
Tsukihi: Aren't those the same thing?
Araragi: No. Worry and trust are two entirely different things.
Tsukihi: They're both just words...
Araragi: Don't stop talking halfway through!
Araragi: So where'd the older little sister go?
Tsukihi: I told you. She isn't in any trouble.
Tsukihi: In fact, she went to go help people out of trouble.
Araragi: That's trouble.
Tsukihi: Geez, Onii-chan, don't interfere in middle school kids' fights.
Tsukihi: It's lame.
Tsukihi: In their own way,
Tsukihi: fights are also a valid form of communication.
Araragi: Well, it sounds right when you put it like that.
Tsukihi: It's not like fighting is wrong.
Tsukihi: It's just that people simply don't know the proper way to fight.
Araragi: But the fights you two get involved in are always violent.
Araragi: I refuse to believe that's the right way to fight.
Tsukihi: Just shut up!
Tsukihi: I don't know!
Tsukihi: I don't know anything!
Tsukihi: I don't know what's going on with the eldest sister,\Nthe youngest sister or the middle sister!
Araragi: I don't have a middle sister...
Araragi: This is why worrying about you isn't ever worth it.
Araragi: Geez...
Araragi: I won't tell you to grow up,
Araragi: but at least keep quiet.
Tsukihi: I don't want to hear that from you.
Araragi: Well, I suppose that of the two,
Araragi: the latter is more difficult.
Araragi: Anyone can grow up by just ageing.
Araragi: But still, I wouldn't want them to be as quiet as Sengoku.
Araragi: Oh, right. Sengoku...
Sengoku: Come over to my house next time.
Araragi: Sure.
Caption: Black Scene
Araragi: Come to think of it, it's been quite a while since that.
Araragi: This is a good chance...
Sengoku: H-Hello?!
Sengoku: This is Sengoku!
Sengoku: Koyomi-oniichan, it's been a while.
Sengoku: What's up?
Araragi: Sorry it's so abrupt,
Araragi: but remember when I said I'd come over?
Araragi: I was wondering if today might be good.
Araragi: If it isn't a good day...
Sengoku: No! Today, today, today...
Sengoku: Actually, I'm busy every day except today.
Araragi: I see.
Araragi: If you're busy every day except today,
Araragi: then today is our only option.
Araragi: How about now?
Sengoku: Yes! Actually, no time except now would work.
Araragi: Then I'll come over now.
Araragi: Hey! So...
Tsukihi: Bye!
Tsukihi: I'll watch the house.
Araragi: No, that's not it. You're coming as well.
Araragi: We're going to Sengoku's, so of course you're coming.
Unnamed: What?
Tsukihi: I thought for sure you'd go alone.
Tsukihi: Also, I'm certain that's what Sen-chan has in mind...
Araragi: Really?
Araragi: No way.
Tsukihi: Go by yourself.
Tsukihi: I'm sure she'd prefer that.
Tsukihi: Anyway...
Tsukihi: I won't interfere with a friend's feelings of love.
Tsukihi: Even if it's unrequited.
Araragi: Come?
Unnamed: TL Note: This is a pun between the words koi -恋- (Romance), and koi -来い- (Come).
Araragi: She never said that she'd love for me to come over.
Araragi: She just asked me to.
Araragi: Unlike you two, she's polite.
Tsukihi: By the way, Onii-chan...
Tsukihi: Do you believe that boys and girls can be friends?
Araragi: Sure.
Araragi: I'm Sengoku's friend!
Tsukihi: I see.
Tsukihi: Then I guess that works.
Tsukihi: Anyway, get going.
Araragi: Fine.
Araragi: Then I'll go by myself.
Araragi: Watch the house while I'm gone.
Araragi: See you...
Tsukihi: One last thing before you go.
Tsukihi: You've totally stopped brawling with Karen-chan.
Tsukihi: Why's that?
Araragi: Lately, she's become too good at karate.
Araragi: Like, way too good.
Araragi: I'd lose in a straight-up fight.
Araragi: Even though she's taller,
Araragi: I should still be stronger,
Araragi: but I guess I can't defeat a martial arts practitioner.
Tsukihi: Even if that explains things with Karen-chan,
Tsukihi: when I freaked out a minute ago, you backed off.
Tsukihi: Dealing with you has become a lot easier.
Araragi: Well, I guess so.
Tsukihi: I mean, from our perspective,
Tsukihi: it's good, because it's easier to get our way.
Tsukihi: But you know, really...
Tsukihi: Don't just grow up and leave us behind.
Tsukihi: It'd be boring that way...
Araragi: Actually, you guys never knew this,
Araragi: but I turned into a vampire.
Araragi: Well, I turned back,
Araragi: but it changed me. So it's possible...
Araragi: And I mean possible, not certain,
Araragi: that if I got into a real fight with you,
Araragi: I could end up killing both of you,
Araragi: so I'm trying to avoid that.
Araragi: How am I supposed to tell them that?
Araragi: Hey, it's Hachikuji.
Araragi: But I promised to go to Sengoku's...
Araragi: And I don't really like that elementary school brat, anyway.
Araragi: Honestly, I don't like her.
Araragi: I hate her.
Araragi: We're not even close enough that I'd talk to her if I saw her.
Araragi: But yeah, I guess as a high schooler,
Araragi: it's kind of sad for me to act that way towards an elementary school girl.
Araragi: Honestly, I'm not happy to see her at all.
Araragi: But I suppose a bare minimum of courtesy demands that I maintain appearances.
Araragi: I'm so naive.
Araragi: Hachikuji!
Araragi: I've missed you...
Araragi: I haven't seen you,
Araragi: so I thought you'd moved away,
Araragi: and I was so worried!
Araragi: So let me touch you more.
Araragi: Let me hug you more.
Araragi: Let me lick you more!
Araragi: Come on! Stay put!
Araragi: It makes removing your panties harder!
Araragi: What are you doing?
Araragi: W-Wait, Hachikuji!
Araragi: Look carefully. It's me!
Hachikuji: It's Araragi...
Hachikuji: Why isn't it Yomiko-san?
Araragi: That's depressingly close.
Unnamed: TL Note: This is a reference to R.O.D: Read or Die. Hence the paper plane.
Araragi: But Hachikuji,
Araragi: I'd prefer you didn't call me the name of a paper-using secret agent...
Araragi: ...for the British Library who lives in a book-filled Jinbouchou building.
Araragi: My name is Araragi Koyomi.
Hachikuji: But that aside, Araragi-san,
Hachikuji: where are you going today?
Hachikuji: Nowhere special...
Hachikuji: Are you searching for new "Araragi's Harem" members?
Araragi: I never founded such creepy group!
Hachikuji: An original member, Oshino-san, has graduated now.
Hachikuji: It'll be quite a difficult gap to fill.
Araragi: Even assuming this so-called "Araragi's Harem" existed,
Araragi: why would Oshino be a member?
Araragi: He's an old guy in a floral shirt!
Hachikuji: If you add too many members, the story will be hard to follow,
Hachikuji: so be careful.
Araragi: Well, I told you about Sengoku, right?
Araragi: A girl I used to know...
Araragi: I'm going over to her place today.
Hachikuji: Given that, you seemed rather unhappy.
Araragi: Did I?
Araragi: I looked that unhappy?
Hachikuji: Yeah!
Hachikuji: Like a story that's gotten a lot of mileage from jokes about how...
Hachikuji:'ll never be animated due to some screw-up.
Hachikuji: You had an awkwardness that was reminiscent of that.
Araragi: My face was hardly that specific!
Hachikuji: Well, I can understand that you'd be wary of unexpected happiness,
Hachikuji: but any time you enter a new arena,
Hachikuji: there's something to be gained.
Araragi: Something to be gained? Like what?
Hachikuji: In a word...
Hachikuji: Money.
Araragi: No, aren't there other things?
Hachikuji: Is there really anything else in the world?
Araragi: Sure!
Araragi: Like you know...
Araragi: Love!
Hachikuji: Huh? Love?
Hachikuji: Oh, yeah! I know love.
Hachikuji: The convenience store was selling it.
Araragi: They were selling it?! At the convenience store?
Hachikuji: Yeah, for 298 yen.
Araragi: That's cheap!
Hachikuji: Putting money aside, Araragi-san,
Hachikuji: I've been looking forward to this.
Hachikuji: What kind of dance will we do during the ED?
Araragi: It's a given that we're dancing?
Hachikuji: I'm hoping for something like Cat's Eye, nice and sexy!
Araragi: You're okay with just silhouettes?!
Araragi: Anyway, that's not it, Hachikuji.
Araragi: Oh, right... I guess I can tell you.
Araragi: You know I'm actually a vampire, right?
Hachikuji: I see, Shuraragi-san.
Araragi: That name's pretty cool,
Araragi: and honestly, I'd like to change my name to that,
Araragi: but Hachikuji, I've told you over and over,
Araragi: my name is Araragi.
Hachikuji: Sorry, I bit my tongue.
Araragi: No, you did it deliberately.
Hachikuji: I bwit my twongue!
Araragi: It wasn't deliberate?
Hachikuji: Have you seen the Family Mart?
Araragi: No, I don't know where the convenience store is!
Araragi: Is it love?
Araragi: Are you going to buy love?
Araragi: For 298 yen?!
Hachikuji: I see. A vampire.
Hachikuji: But what about it?
Araragi: Well, it's really hard to tell my family about it, you know?
Araragi: But I'm not sure it's something I can hide forever.
Hachikuji: I don't think it's really necessary to just come out and tell them.
Hachikuji: I think keeping a secret or two from your family is natural.
Araragi: Hachikuji?
Hachikuji: For one thing, sharing your secrets with someone...
Hachikuji: ...means you'll involve them with your problems.
Hachikuji: It may make things easier for you,
Hachikuji: but your family could end up suffering for it.
Araragi: That's true, isn't it?
Hachikuji: Right now, what you need is...
Hachikuji: Yes, the courage to keep your secret to yourself!
Araragi: That sounds very wise.
Hachikuji: Well, I'm just making it sound positive by adding the word "courage" to it.
Hachikuji: Really, it's just a normal secret.
Araragi: That sounds very honest!
Hachikuji: You can make almost anything...
Hachikuji: ...sound positive by adding the word "courage".
Araragi: That can't be right.
Araragi: I refuse to believe that's how Japanese is structured.
Hachikuji: Shall I demonstrate?
Araragi: Bring it.
Araragi: If you can satisfy me,
Araragi: I'll do a handstand right here.
Hachikuji: A handstand?
Araragi: Yeah, it's like getting on your knees to bow, except it's better.
Araragi: But if you can't satisfy me,
Araragi: then you'll have to do a handstand here,
Araragi: wearing your skirt!
Araragi: Your kiddie panties will be exposed to public view until I allow you to stop!
Hachikuji: Very well. I accept your challenge.
Araragi: If nothing else, I praise your guts.
Hachikuji: You're like a phoenix to the flame, Araragi-san.
Araragi: No, I'm nothing as cool as that.
Hachikuji: We'll start with warm-ups.
Hachikuji: The courage to lie to your lover.
Araragi: Not bad...
Araragi: All you're doing is simply lying, but tacking "courage" onto it...
Araragi: ...makes it sound like you're lying for your lover's sake,
Araragi: even though she hasn't said anything to suggest that.
Hachikuji: The courage to betray your comrades.
Araragi: What?!
Araragi: Amazing...
Araragi: The end result is that you've betrayed your comrades.
Araragi: However, adding "courage" gives the impression that you've somehow protected them,
Araragi: even though she hasn't said anything to suggest that!
Hachikuji: The courage to be a lazy bum.
Araragi: W-What?
Araragi: It can really do anything!
Araragi: You're just meaninglessly whiling away your life,
Araragi: but adding "courage" makes it sound like you've positioned yourself in poverty for some greater goal,
Araragi: even though she hasn't said anything, anything at all, to suggest that!
Araragi: B-But I cannot admit defeat here!
Hachikuji: The courage to admit defeat.
Araragi: I admit my defeat!
Araragi: I was lulled by the awesomeness of the words into admitting my own defeat!
Araragi: And all I did was admit defeat...
Araragi: Japanese really is structured like that!
Hachikuji: Now, Araragi-san.
Hachikuji: Show me something better than getting on your knees to bow.
Araragi: Very well...
Araragi: I have the courage to do a handstand!
Hachikuji: Seeing someone your age doing a handstand is actually kind of pathetic...
Hachikuji: You can stop.
Hachikuji: I said that you could stop, Araragi-san.
Hachikuji: Actually, please stop, Araragi-san.
Hachikuji: I'm embarrassed just being next to you.
Hachikuji: Why are you continuing your handstand...
Hachikuji: if it were a promise made in response to a friend's last request?
Araragi: Well, how do I say this?
Araragi: I was just thinking that if I stood on my hands,
Araragi: from this angle, I could see your panties.
Hachikuji: Araragi-san, you're a pervert!
Araragi: The courage to accept the label of pervert!
Hachikuji: So cool!
Hachikuji: It's so cool that I'm tempted to have the courage to show you my panties as you wish,
Hachikuji: especially the way you continued even after I kicked you in the face!
Hachikuji: I can't believe the technology I developed...
Hachikuji: ...has now been turned against me...
Hachikuji: How ironic.
Araragi: You grew overconfident, Hachikuji!
Araragi: I have mastered your secret technique!
Hachikuji: What is left for me to say?
Hachikuji: I may have created a monster!
Araragi: However, I do apologise for calling them kiddie panties.
Araragi: I never expected that you'd be wearing semi-transparent black panties.
Hachikuji: What are you saying?
Hachikuji: Take a closer look!
Hachikuji: Don't say that!
Hachikuji: It'll ruin my image!
Hachikuji: I've responded to consumer demand, and I'm wearing kiddie panties!
Hachikuji: They have a bunny on them, right?
Araragi: I can't see any bunnies.
Araragi: If you want me to see them, you have to make them easier to see.
Hachikuji: L-Like this?
Hachikuji: Like this?
Araragi: Oh, yeah.
Araragi: We were talking about the need to keep the supernatural a secret, right?
Hachikuji: You see, Araragi-san,
Hachikuji: in a way, the supernatural is what's behind the curtain.
Araragi: Behind the curtain?
Hachikuji: Normally, you only need to see what's happening on stage.
Hachikuji: That's how reality works.
Hachikuji: If you don't know, then it's best that you don't.
Hachikuji: Actually, learning about the supernatural...
Hachikuji: ...only increases the number of things you don't know.
Araragi: I see.
Hachikuji: So, Araragi-san...
Hachikuji: If your family should ever unfortunately find themselves backstage,
Hachikuji: then at that time, you can guide them out.
Hachikuji: But until then, the right thing to do is nothing.
Araragi: I see.
Araragi: Anyway, we've been talking for a while.
Araragi: Sorry for stopping you, Hachikuji.
Hachikuji: It's fine. I'm always basically lost.
Araragi: That's not...
Hachikuji: In a way, I guess I was just walking around saying, "Isn't Araragi-san's house here?"
Hachikuji: "I haven't seen him in a while! Maybe I can see him again."
Araragi: Yeah...
Araragi: Well, bye!
Hachikuji: Yeah, let's meet again.
Araragi: Hey, Hachikuji.
Araragi: You aren't going to disappear, are you?
Araragi: Because, you know, Oshino's gone.
Araragi: I just wondered if you were going to vanish like he did.
Hachikuji: You spend so much time worrying about others.
Hachikuji: The only people you impose your problems on are probably Shinobu-san and me.
Hachikuji: I'm honoured, really...
Araragi: Hachikuji...
Hachikuji: Then let me ask you a question, Araragi-san.
Hachikuji: If I'm ever in really bad trouble again,
Hachikuji: at that time, would you help me?
Araragi: Sure I would.
Araragi: Of course I would.
Araragi: I won't give anyone else enough time to save you.
Hachikuji: Can I talk to you about my problems?
Araragi: If you don't, I'll get mad!
Hachikuji: That's just like you.
Hachikuji: I'm sure there's a reason that...
Hachikuji: ...even after I stopped being lost,
Hachikuji: I continued to stay in this town.
Hachikuji: I won't leave until I know what that reason is.
Araragi: There's a reason, huh?
Hachikuji: Well, even if I do go away someday,
Hachikuji: before I do, I'll come to say goodbye.
Araragi: I see...
Araragi: Okay, then you do that.
Unnamed: Black Scene
Unnamed: No Animation Number
Hachikuji: Yeah.
Hachikuji: I'd be scared of having you mad at me, you know?
Unnamed: 01:41a
Unnamed: Butterfly
Unnamed: Butterfly
Unnamed: 01.41b
Unnamed: Bee
Unnamed: Bee
Unnamed: 04:54
Unnamed: Correct Answer
Unnamed: Correct Answer
Unnamed: Correct Answer
Unnamed: Red Salmon
Unnamed: Red Salmon
Unnamed: Red Salmon
Unnamed: 05:00
Unnamed: Passage of Time
Unnamed: 07.26
Unnamed: Holy fuck I'm not translating that.
Unnamed: Araragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi, my little sisters, are the central element\N\Nof this story, though I very much doubt there would be any group of people in this world interested in it.\N\NAlso, even if I suppose there was such an extraordinary demand, I would not want to go into thorough detail about the two of them.\N\NHowever if they were not my little sisters, most probably they would never have anything to do with me, and even if they did, I am as I am, I would just ignore them.\N\NWell, that being said, it is only fair that I honestly admit that my thinking like that is most likely a result of my inferiority complex, jealousy and bias towards\N\Nthem. In sharp contrast to me, who spent his high school days lazily and therefore fell behind, Karen and Tsukihi are doing great.\N\NBut I want to say it out loud.\N\NWhile they have not fallen behind, they are problem children, and though they are persons of character,\N\Nat the same time their characters are failing.\N\NThe Fire Sisters of Tsuganoki Second Middle School.\N\NAraragi Karen is the fighter of the Fire Sisters and Araragi Tsukihi is the brains.\N\NLike that the two of them spent their days like a helper squad, or a team to make the world better,\N\Nor something along those lines, acting like great friends of justice.\N\NBut I, as their relative, can assure you that what they are doing is not something so great.\N\NIt is merely an outlet for their energy.\N\NAraragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi.\N\NThe acts of the two of them, of the Fire Sisters, are really merely acting like great friends of justice.\N\NMy dearest little sisters. You two are hopeless impostors.
Unnamed: m 0 0 l 848 0 l 848 480 l 0 480
Unnamed: 07.30
Unnamed: Karen Bee Part 1
Unnamed: Type Font Used HGP Minchou B
Unnamed: 07.33
Unnamed: July 29, Saturday, Morning
Unnamed: Animation Number
Unnamed: 131
Unnamed: 07.38 (moving from right to left)
Unnamed: July 29, Saturday
Unnamed: 07.39 (repeated acroess many books)
Unnamed: Reference Book
Unnamed: 07.52
Unnamed: Reminiscence
Unnamed: Black Scene
Unnamed: No Animation Number
Unnamed: 09.12 (Listing off from Right to left)
Unnamed: Getting Other Smart People To Submit
Unnamed: How to Talk to Make Anyone Your Friend
Unnamed: The Five Fake Commandments to Brainwash the Target
Unnamed: Bringing "Succession" into Conversation!
Unnamed: How to Keep Mentally Healthy
Unnamed: My Identity
Unnamed: The Learn to Read "People's Thoughts" Book
Unnamed: Advanced Ways to Lie
Unnamed: Teen Communication
Unnamed: Listen to the Cries of the Heart to Prevent Psychological Ilnesses
Unnamed: People Who Can Articulate
Unnamed: Keeping One's Opinion Straight - Methods of Good Negotiations
Unnamed: Listen to the Cries of the Heart \N\N\N\N\Nto Prevent Psychological Ilnesses
Unnamed: Teen Communication
Unnamed: Keeping One's Opinion Straight - Methods of Good Negotiations
Unnamed: Advanced Ways to Lie
Unnamed: The Learn to Read "People's Thoughts" Book
Unnamed: My Identity
Unnamed: How To Keep Mentally Healthy
Unnamed: 09.13
Unnamed: Fight
Unnamed: 10.05
Unnamed: Reminiscence
Unnamed: 10.10
Unnamed: Black Scene
Unnamed: No Animation Number
Unnamed: 10.22
Unnamed: Koyomi Araragi
Unnamed: 1 2 3\N\N4 5 6\N\N7 8 9\N\N0
Unnamed: I can't make out the rest atm
Unnamed: 11.21
Unnamed: Come?
Unnamed: Come?
Unnamed: Come?
Unnamed: TL Note: This is a pun between the words Koi -恋- (Romance), and koi -来い- (Come).
Unnamed: 12.54
Unnamed: Red Scene
Unnamed: No Animation Number
Unnamed: 12.57
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 2
Unnamed: 3
Unnamed: 4
Unnamed: 13.06
Unnamed: Black Scene
Unnamed: No Animation Number
Unnamed: 13.11
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: Mayoi Hachikuji
Unnamed: 5-3
Unnamed: 14.53
Unnamed: Compact Vehicles Prohibited
Unnamed: *note the sign reads backwards for some reason
Unnamed: 15.00
Unnamed: Boys Prohibited
Unnamed: 15.17
Unnamed: Be Cautious of Bears
Unnamed: 15.22
Unnamed: Middle-Aged\NMen Prohibited
Unnamed: 16.10
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: 16.16
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: All\NSold\NOut
Unnamed: All\NSold\NOut
Unnamed: First Love
Unnamed: Talent
Unnamed: New Product
Unnamed: 16.19
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: tax included
Unnamed: 17.04
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: All\NSold\NOut
Unnamed: All\NSold\NOut
Unnamed: First Love
Unnamed: Talent
Unnamed: New Product
Unnamed: Same as before but with more "love"
Unnamed: 17.06
Unnamed: Love
Unnamed: tax included
Unnamed: Exactly the same as before.
Unnamed: 18.48
Unnamed: Series of Courage
Unnamed: Series of Courage
Unnamed: Series of Courage
Unnamed: 22.18
Unnamed: Warning
Unnamed: I can't read the rest, too small
Unnamed: Even now right next to you,
Unnamed: I always get uneasy.
Unnamed: Quietly pretending to look out the window,
Unnamed: I saw your reflection in the glass.
Unnamed: Would you have loved me
Unnamed: no matter where I was?
Unnamed: You also chatted with the me I am today
Unnamed: what is said and what isn't said
Unnamed: came and went again in circles
Unnamed: With a single phrase, you see that you'll forget everything, everything
Unnamed: With the constant burden of people's talk, you become more and more greedy again
Unnamed: In front of you, everything
Unnamed: Can be un-done, anywhere
Unnamed: Shini-subs Presents
Unnamed: Nisemonogatari
Unnamed: Translation: CR
Unnamed: TLC: Keyied
Unnamed: Song/Sign TL: Nightowl64
Unnamed: Timer: Nightowl64
Unnamed: Timer: Nightowl64
Unnamed: Editor: AzureHakua
Unnamed: Typesetter:\NCalyrica
Unnamed: Karaoke: DeathHere
Unnamed: QC: Calyrica
Unnamed: Encoders: Shinisaki\N\h\h\h\h\h\hSoupRKnowva
Unnamed: ima datte kimi no tonari de
Unnamed: 今だって君の隣で
Unnamed: itsudatte fuan ni naru yo
Unnamed: いつだって不安になるよ
Unnamed: mado no soto miteiru furi de
Unnamed: 窓の外見ているふりで
Unnamed: garasu ni utsuru kimi ha miteita
Unnamed: ガラスに映る君は見ていた
Unnamed: kimi ha watashi no donna doko o
Unnamed: 君は私のどんなどこを
Unnamed: suki ni natte kureta no toka
Unnamed: 好きになってくれたのとか?
Unnamed: kyou mo sonna watashi dechatto
Unnamed: 今日もそんな私でチャット
Unnamed: iwareteruka iwarete nai ka
Unnamed: 言われてるか言われてないか
Unnamed: ittari kitari mou guru guru guru guru...
Unnamed: 行ったり来たりもうグルグルグルグル...
Unnamed: sono hitokoto de ne hora zenbu zenbu wasurechatte
Unnamed: その一言でねほら全部全部忘れちゃって
Unnamed: sonna futakotome de mata motto motto yokubari ni naru
Unnamed: そんな二言目でまたもっともっと欲張りになる
Unnamed: kimi no mae dato zenbu
Unnamed: 君の前だと全部
Unnamed: hodokareteku no dokomademo
Unnamed: 解かれてくの どこまでも

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