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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls episode 12

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Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls episode 12 dialogue

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Unnamed: We've confirmed the unnatural increase in spiritual energy.
Unnamed: We believe Amakusa Shirou's revival is happening inside the cocoon.
Unnamed: I repeat, we've confirmed...
Unnamed: I guess we can't climb out of here.
Unnamed: L-Leave me here...
Unnamed: Silence, you can't order me arou-
Unnamed: Shit, shit, shit!
Unnamed: Shit shit shit!
Unnamed: SHIT!
Unnamed: Leave you?
Unnamed: I'm not going to follow your orders!
Unnamed: Say something, Nia! You're my samurai!
Unnamed: Shut up and follow the general's orders!
Unnamed: Wake up, Nia!
Unnamed: NIA!
Unnamed: There should have been scary things and sad things along the way,
Unnamed: yet I can only remember the fun things.
Unnamed: Listen, Jyuubei.
Unnamed: Next time we make a contract with Muneakira, your personality will cease to exist within me.
Unnamed: Though it's unavoidable.
Unnamed: You're the only one who can save Great Japan from this crisis.
Unnamed: But it's still difficult.
Unnamed: I'm scared.
Unnamed: I don't want to disappear...
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: Jyuubei?
Unnamed: Jyuubei!
Unnamed: Are you all right?
Unnamed: What's wrong, Jyuubei?
Unnamed: It's nothing.
Unnamed: Anyway, let's kiss already!
Unnamed: This place is going to collapse if we don't hurry.
Unnamed: S-Sure.
Unnamed: We don't have a moment to waste.
Unnamed: Muneakira, hurry.
Unnamed: Yeah.
Unnamed: Onii-chan, I wonder why Jyuubei was born into this world?
Unnamed: If I'm going to disappear anyway,\NI'd rather not have any fun memories.
Unnamed: I wouldn't want to be born in the first place.
Unnamed: No!
Unnamed: Jyuubei?
Unnamed: What are you doing?
Unnamed: It's kind of embarrassing when people are watching.
Unnamed: Besides, I feel bad for Yukki and Senhime-san.
Unnamed: What a dummy.
Unnamed: I don't know why myself, but I feel that it's fine if you do it.
Unnamed: Ditto.
Unnamed: Yukki, Senhime-san.
Unnamed: Well, if you're embarrassed because we're here, we'll be waiting above.
Unnamed: Let's rendezvous later.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: It'll be a tough fight.
Unnamed: I don't know what might happen later, so let me tell you this while you're not a master samurai.
Unnamed: Thank you. It was a lot of fun.
Unnamed: Let's meet again at Yagyuu Dojo.
Unnamed: Onii-chan...
Unnamed: It was a short while, but I'm glad that I could spend time with all of you.
Unnamed: I'm glad I was born in this world.
Unnamed: Jyuubei?
Unnamed: Onii-chan, bye-bye.
Unnamed: It's not enough.
Unnamed: My service alone isn't enough.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: We need Jyuubei Onee-sama's energy.
Unnamed: Yes, and the energy of the students.
Unnamed: If we're around, we can protect the students no matter what.
Unnamed: Yukimura-sama and Senhime-sama left us here because that's what they believed.
Unnamed: We can't act cowardly now.
Unnamed: Don't you mean they left us with the supporting role?
Unnamed: That's why you should've made your contracts at the dojo.
Unnamed: Really now?
Unnamed: Even if we made the contract, I don't think we would've become master samurai.
Unnamed: We do respect and believe in Muneakira-san.
Unnamed: But Ohii-sama, Yukimura-san,\Nand Jyuubei-san are beyond comparison.
Unnamed: Hanzou, can you hear me?
Unnamed: Yes, Ohii-sama.
Unnamed: We reached the rendezvous point.
Unnamed: Fine! Now that it's come to this,\Nwe're going to execute the perfect defense!
Unnamed: Hanzou-san, Matabei-san, are you ready?
Unnamed: Yes.
Unnamed: Seems like Team Love Warriors\Nhas been established once again.
Unnamed: It sounds like you'll be just fine.
Unnamed: Yes, leave it to us.
Unnamed: Thank you. I believe in you.
Unnamed: Ohii-sama...
Unnamed: No matter how far I may be, my heart is with you.
Unnamed: I know.
Unnamed: Matabei, Kanetsugu.
Unnamed: Don't you dare die.
Unnamed: This is an order, got it?
Unnamed: Yes.
Unnamed: I'll follow your orders just this once.
Unnamed: Senhime-sama, please tell Yukimura-sama...
Unnamed: Good luck.
Unnamed: Roger that.
Unnamed: I'm sorry.
Unnamed: I can only go this far with you.
Unnamed: Worry about yourself before us.
Unnamed: This place isn't safe either.
Unnamed: Precisely.
Unnamed: But you came for us.
Unnamed: You came to see through your samurai's fight.
Unnamed: I'm happy to have you as my general.
Unnamed: Thank you, Muneakira.
Unnamed: You should make the contract once more.
Unnamed: You have awakened as a true general.
Unnamed: If you kiss them again, you will form an even stronger bond than before.
Unnamed: It will be so strong, you'd be able to feel their warmth with your own body, no matter how separated you become.
Unnamed: Warmth...
Unnamed: With your own body?
Unnamed: Are you going to do it?
Unnamed: You go first.
Unnamed: Then I'll go!
Unnamed: Hold on there.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: These feelings you left within me are beyond my comprehension.
Unnamed: But I don't need to understand them.
Unnamed: I'll just leave them in my heart.
Unnamed: It's a sign of respect for the imperfect ones who\Nallowed Muneakira to awaken as a true general...
Unnamed: And a sign of respect for you, you who were able to spend your last moments smiling.
Unnamed: I wasn't wrong in thinking you would become the ultimate general.
Unnamed: You were the first one to accept me as a general.
Unnamed: Thank you, Yukimura.
Unnamed: I was the one who had an eye on you since we were kids.
Unnamed: Make sure you don't forget that.
Unnamed: I won't.
Unnamed: I've never forgotten it, not even once, Senhime-sama.
Unnamed: Muneakira...
Unnamed: Muneakira...
Unnamed: I love you.
Unnamed: I love you!
Unnamed: Amazing, I can feel the power!
Unnamed: So this is the power of a true master samurai.
Unnamed: It seems like they've noticed us, my general.
Unnamed: Your orders.
Unnamed: The enemy may not be prepared, but they're strong enough to have defeated seven master samurai.
Unnamed: However, we will never retreat!
Unnamed: Great Japan's future rests on this battle.
Unnamed: Believe in the will of the heavens!
Unnamed: All troops, charge!
Unnamed: Yukimura, open a path!
Unnamed: Good, focus on what's in front of you!
Unnamed: Jyuubei, behind you!
Unnamed: Vacuum Blast!
Unnamed: Nice!
Unnamed: Watch out, Yukimura!
Unnamed: Senhime-sama, follow up!
Unnamed: Keep going!
Unnamed: Lightning Fang!
Unnamed: Go through!
Unnamed: Yukimura!
Unnamed: Help Jyuubei!
Unnamed: Affirmative!
Unnamed: Use the wind!
Unnamed: GO!
Unnamed: I'm counting on you, Jyuubei.
Unnamed: Onee-sama, you took the effort to come here yourself?
Unnamed: To ease Shirou-sama's injuries, we need two great samurai serving him.
Unnamed: That's why he revived us: to allow his return.
Unnamed: But you made a contract with that boring man.
Unnamed: I need to take back Onee-sama.
Unnamed: I tried my best to drop Yagyuu Muneakira into the darkness.
Unnamed: It was all for Shirou-sama's sake.
Unnamed: Then why did you create your castle here?
Unnamed: If you didn't let me through the barrier,\Nyou wouldn't have put Amakusa in danger.
Unnamed: That's to devour you, Onee-sama!
Unnamed: I'll devour your flesh, bones, blood,\Neverything and become one with you!
Unnamed: Then I will be the only one needed to serve Shirou-sama!
Unnamed: Fool, you think you can devour me so easily?
Unnamed: I'll devour you.
Unnamed: After all, the more I loath everyone: Muneakira,\Nand those other samurai, the more power I gain!
Unnamed: What?
Unnamed: Crescent!
Unnamed: It's execution time.
Unnamed: Yukimura!
Unnamed: Senhime-sama!
Unnamed: I can feel their spirits; they're still living!
Unnamed: But...
Unnamed: We slice and dice, but they just keep coming!
Unnamed: There's no end to them.
Unnamed: We're at our limit.
Unnamed: Ohii-sama, please respond!
Unnamed: Please respond, Ohii-sama!
Unnamed: Matabei-san, Kanetsugu-san!
Unnamed: What's wrong, Onee-sama?
Unnamed: How does it feel? Getting your energy sucked out.
Unnamed: It seems like there's an impurity inside.
Unnamed: You're so worried about those you left outside.
Unnamed: So you can't concentrate on fighting me.
Unnamed: That's how it is.
Unnamed: I win, I win!
Unnamed: I've won!
Unnamed: Shirou-sama, I give this victory to you!
Unnamed: Please awaken and reward me!
Unnamed: Wh-What the hell is going on?!
Unnamed: They seem to have weakened all of a sudden.
Unnamed: Yes.
Unnamed: Ow ow ow ow...
Unnamed: What's happening?
Unnamed: Hanzou-san, how are things above ground?
Unnamed: Just a second.
Unnamed: Th-This is...!
Unnamed: We have reinforcements!
Unnamed: Reinforcements have broken the\Nbarrier and gotten into the academy!
Unnamed: Tokugawa Yoshihiko's samurai?
Unnamed: Whatever.
Unnamed: The students' energy is just the frosting.
Unnamed: In the end all we need is my and Onee-sama's energy.
Unnamed: Shirou-sama, we're almost there.\NPlease wait just a little more.
Unnamed: What's going on? What happened all of a sudden?
Unnamed: This is...
Unnamed: Are you unharmed, Yagyuu Muneakira?
Unnamed: Yukimura! Senhime-sama!
Unnamed: Calm down. They're just unconscious.
Unnamed: Were you all right?
Unnamed: No.
Unnamed: I died once.
Unnamed: I died and came back to life.
Unnamed: I made a contract with a true general.
Unnamed: Then Yoshihiko-sama has...
Unnamed: Sadly enough, I'm fine.
Unnamed: Can you hear me, Yagyuu Muneakira?
Unnamed: Yes!
Unnamed: I'll temporarily lend you a hand to stop Amakusa's return.
Unnamed: I must emphasize that this is only to protect Great Japan.
Unnamed: I haven't accepted you yet.
Unnamed: Yes, I'll pretend that's how it is, Yoshihiko-sama!
Unnamed: They still had that much power?
Unnamed: What are you doing, Muneakira?
Unnamed: Leave this to me.
Unnamed: Give your samurai your strength!
Unnamed: Jyuubei is waiting for you.
Unnamed: Yes!
Unnamed: We'll finish them off, Nia!
Unnamed: Roger.
Unnamed: Jyuubei, can you hear me?
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: Jyuubei!
Unnamed: Wake up.
Unnamed: Jyuubei-san.
Unnamed: Jyuubei-san, wake up.
Unnamed: Onii-chan's calling.
Unnamed: Jyuubei...?
Unnamed: Why are you here?
Unnamed: Onii-chan called me back.
Unnamed: Listen carefully.
Unnamed: You can hear Onii-chan's voice, can't you?
Unnamed: I'm sorry, but I'm...
Unnamed: Don't be scared, Jyuubei-san.
Unnamed: Somebody might die in this battle.
Unnamed: Kind of like how I disappeared.
Unnamed: But remember, feelings are eternal. They never disappear.
Unnamed: See?
Unnamed: You can hear Onii-chan's voice.
Unnamed: You can hear Onii-chan's feelings.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: Please, wake up.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: JYUUBEI!
Unnamed: What?
Unnamed: O-Onee-sama?
Unnamed: N-No, wait...
Unnamed: Who are you?
Unnamed: Who are you?!
Unnamed: Yagyuu Jyuubei.
Unnamed: But don't think I'm the same as before.
Unnamed: Thanks to my true general, both Yagyuu Jyuubeis have been reborn.
Unnamed: The power of hate has no effect on us!
Unnamed: I'll slice you!
Unnamed: What's happened?
Unnamed: Sen, are you all right?
Unnamed: Muneakira.
Unnamed: Jyuubei.
Unnamed: GO!
Unnamed: Jyuubei!
Unnamed: Gisen!
Unnamed: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!
Unnamed: You two, I found the exit!
Unnamed: Really?
Unnamed: What's going on?
Unnamed: Yoshihiko, we should join in!
Unnamed: No, we can't.
Unnamed: I hate to say it, but they're on a whole new level.
Unnamed: We have to let Muneakira handle it.
Unnamed: Jyuubei! Do it!
Unnamed: Sh-She's strong.
Unnamed: This is what a true master samurai is like...?
Unnamed: Shirou-sama, Shirou-sama!
Unnamed: Please give me the power of the general!
Unnamed: Is it Amakusa?
Unnamed: What was it your power comes from?
Unnamed: A bond? I'll slice it to pieces!
Unnamed: Shoot! Muneakira!
Unnamed: Muneakira!
Unnamed: Get back!
Unnamed: Wow, something amazing is happening!
Unnamed: It's dangerous, please get down!
Unnamed: There's no need to worry!
Unnamed: You're not going to call me a burden anymore!
Unnamed: You were about to become one.
Unnamed: Yup.
Unnamed: Jyuubei, use your true power!
Unnamed: Show her what it's all about!
Unnamed: Damn you all...
Unnamed: I'll never forgive you!
Unnamed: Muneakira, take these feelings...
Unnamed: And give them to Jyuubei!
Unnamed: Jyuubei,
Unnamed: receive our feelings!
Unnamed: Stop!
Unnamed: What?
Unnamed: You weaklings!
Unnamed: Unrivaled Supernatural Power!
Unnamed: I'll protect this country!
Unnamed: Our home!
Unnamed: Since we promised.
Unnamed: Promised to meet at Yagyuu Dojo again.
Unnamed: But I'm sorry, Onii-chan. I don't think I can keep it.
Unnamed: What?!
Unnamed: This isn't good!
Unnamed: Unleashing any more energy is equivalent to suicide!
Unnamed: What?!
Unnamed: Make her stop, Muneakira!
Unnamed: Stop, Jyuubei...
Unnamed: STOP!
Unnamed: Goodbye, Onii-chan...
Unnamed: I-I'm being pushed back?
Unnamed: Why?!
Unnamed: You still don't get it?
Unnamed: If you don't, you can't beat me!
Unnamed: I-It burns!
Unnamed: Let go, let me go!
Unnamed: You're also going to die at this rate!
Unnamed: So you meant to die from the start?
Unnamed: Fine, but in one hundred, maybe one thousand years, I'll return!
Unnamed: Yes, that's when-
Unnamed: That's when another general and samurai of Great Japan shall face you.
Unnamed: What's there to fear?
Unnamed: As long as there are generals and samurais in this country...
Unnamed: As long as there is trust and bonding in this country!
Unnamed: Jyuubei's presence disappeared.
Unnamed: Did she...?
Unnamed: No way!
Unnamed: Jyuubei...
Unnamed: JYUUBEI!
Unnamed: I can hear everyone's voices.
Unnamed: I'm so happy.
Unnamed: The battle has ended.
Unnamed: But Buou Academy School's recovery is far off...
Unnamed: And Amakusa's whereabouts are unknown.
Unnamed: Perhaps nothing has ended.
Unnamed: But I still believe...
Unnamed: That some day, most definitely, our bonds,
Unnamed: our trust will heal the damage done to this city.
Unnamed: No matter what.
Unnamed: Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Unnamed: Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls
Unnamed: The Goodbye Kiss
Unnamed: The Goodbye Kiss
Unnamed: Yagyuu Gisen
Unnamed: Yagyuu Gisen
Unnamed: Amakusa Shirou
Unnamed: Amakusa Shirou
Unnamed: Revival Ceremony
Unnamed: Revival Ceremony
Unnamed: Tokugawa Sen
Unnamed: Communicating
Unnamed: True Contract
Unnamed: True Contract
Unnamed: Sanada Yukimura
Unnamed: Sanada Yukimura
Unnamed: True Contract
Unnamed: True Contract
Unnamed: Tokugawa Sen
Unnamed: Tokugawa Sen
Unnamed: Vacuum Blast
Unnamed: Vacuum Blast
Unnamed: Vacuum Blast
Unnamed: Lightning Fang
Unnamed: Lightning Fang
Unnamed: Lightning Fang
Unnamed: Jyuubei
Unnamed: Jyuubei
Unnamed: Gisen
Unnamed: Gisen
Unnamed: Sanada Yukimura
Unnamed: Sanada Yukimura
Unnamed: Tokugawa Sen
Unnamed: Tokugawa Sen
Unnamed: Yagyuu Muneakira
Unnamed: Yagyuu Muneakira
Unnamed: Naoe Kanetsugu
Unnamed: Naoe Kanetsugu
Unnamed: Gotou Matabei
Unnamed: Gotou Matabei
Unnamed: Hattori Hanzou
Unnamed: Hattori Hanzou
Unnamed: One Week Later
Unnamed: One Week Later

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