Fairy Tail anime episode 143 | Fansubbed by Tsuki in mkv format and 720p resolution

Fairy Tail episode 143

Series: Fairy Tail
Latest ep in DB: 720     Total torrents in DB: 1
Added: on August 12, 2012
Tags: adventure fantasy magic comedy romance exhibitionism drama episode 1 83 80 70 fairy tail episode 19 fairy tail episode 89 episode 40 hentai anemi yeh! its a heart touching comedian an adventurous sereis but unfortunately i can only see the1st season of the series coz it's not telecast any furtherin india ........
File size:339.17 MBs    Format: mkv     Resolution: 720p     Fansubber: Tsuki
Seeders:17    Leechers: 19
Filename: [Tsuki]_Fairy_Tail_-_143_[1280x720][0C7E82E2].mkv
Torrent created:  on August 12, 2012    Torrent created by: uTorrent/3130
Hash: 80d5c9482f932ec930f86d6bd04d23e47c195eaf
Piece size: 512 KBs     Encoding: UTF-8


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Fairy Tail episode 143 dialogue

No subtitles for Fairy Tail episode 143 so far.

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