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Nova: We've caught you pirates red-handed.
Nova: We'll be confiscating your goods
Nova: and taking you into custody.
Libertà: What was that?
Dante: Something must've happened.
Libertà: I'm gonna go check it out!
Dante: Wait!
Libertà: Dropping in!
Nova: I don't need your help!
Libertà: No need to be shy!
Libertà: It's okay to ask for help, you know!
Nova: I don't care.
Nova: You're less of a help than a...
Nova: nuisance!
Libertà: That's so not cute.
Nova: I'd be worried if you thought I was cute.
Nova: Running away?!
Libertà: They've got wheels, so there're only so many ways they can go.
Libertà: We can catch 'em if we take the back roads.
Libertà: Wh-What?
Nova: Don't be slow.
Libertà: I know!
Woman: They're saying there's a ruckus by the port.
Debito: A ruckus?
Man: Here you go!
Pace: Lasagne~
Pace: How I've waited!
Pace: Time to dig in!
Man: Hey!
Luca: My lady...
Feli: What is it this time, Luca?
Luca: T-Tonight is a special party, isn't it?
Luca: We should head back to the mansion soon.
Feli: We'll have plenty of time for that even after our patrol.
Luca: Yes, but...
Luca: you'll need time to change your clothes...
Libertà: Oh!
Libertà: Gotcha!
Feli: Libertà?!
Nova: That simpleton...
Nova: Why is he so reckless?
Feli: Nova!
Nova: Felicità?
Debito: Libertà, don't move.
Libertà: Debito!
Dante: Jump, Libertà!
Libertà: Seriously?!
Libertà: Watch your fire, Dante!
Dante: Don't worry.
Pace: You see?
Libertà: Pace...
Man: Move!
Man: I... surrender.
Dante: Looks like that's over.
Feli: Dante, what are we going to do...
Feli: about that car?
Libertà: I could've been killed!
Libertà: You always gotta make people stare.
Dante: Only 'cause I've got no hair, you know?
Dante: Just kidding!
Libertà: Well, let's go.
Man A: Who are they?
Man B: Some amazing people for sure...
Woman: You two, is it your first time here?
Woman: I thought you might be new to our island of commerce, Regalo, am I right?
Woman: Then I'll tell you.
Woman: Open up your ears!
Woman: Those people are part of Regalo Island's vigilante group,
Woman: the Arcana Famiglia!
Ep Title: The Birthday Night
Donatella: My lady...
Donatella: What... did you say?
Isabella: You mustn't do that!
Meriella: This is no ordinary party!
Luca: My lady,
Luca: the guests are waiting.
Luca: My lady!
Feli: What's wrong, Luca?
Luca: Y-You don't... intend to go to the party in that, do you?
Feli: Yep.
Luca: That is unacceptable! Today is—
Feli: Papà's birthday, I know.
Feli: C'mon, Fukurota.
Luca: She used to be so complaisant...
Donatella: Isn't it your fault for raising her to be like that?
Luca: Huh?
Isabella: That's right! You've attended to her since she was little.
Luca: Huh?
Meriella: It's all your fault then.
Luca: Huh?!
Feli: Luca, we're going to be late.
Luca: I'm coming, my lady!
Pace: What's up?
Debito: Really, Bambina, why are you dressed like that?
Pace: We were so looking forward to seeing you in a dress.
Feli: Should I have worn something else?
Debito: Luca, you're her attendant, so do your job.
Pace: Yeah! It's horrible having only men here.
Luca: It's not my fault! She wouldn't listen to me!
Nova: Actually,
Nova: if something were to happen,
Nova: it would be better for her to wear clothes that were easier to move in.
Debito: Oh, I get it.
Debito: If Bambina wears that, then you get just the right view of her pretty legs.
Debito: Got a leg fetish, Shrimp?
Debito: I can't blame you.
Nova: Who are you kidding?
Libertà: Oh?
Libertà: Lady, no dress tonight?
Libertà: What's wrong?
Libertà: Lady?
Libertà: You're all red.
Libertà: Huh?
Libertà: Ow...
Libertà: What was that for?
Libertà: Wh-Wha...
Libertà: Wh-What did I do, Lady?!
Luca: Jolly...
Jolly: You must have had an indecent thought.
Libertà: Why would you think I have indecent thoughts?
Jolly: I'm sure you've been told this before.
Jolly: All of us are bound
Jolly: by a special contract with the Tarot, which grants us the powers of the Arcana.
Jolly: For example: Libertà, you are...
Jolly: the starting card, Il Matto,
Jolly: the Fool.
Libertà: Y-Yeah.
Jolly: Nova, you are...
Jolly: the thirteenth card, La Morte.
Jolly: The Death, as it is called.
Nova: You don't need to go over this again.
Jolly: The card that our lady is bound to is...
Jolly: the sixth card, Gli Amanti,
Jolly: the Lovers.
Jolly: Her power, the talent given to our precious lady, is
Jolly: the ability to read the hearts of those around her.
Libertà: That means...
Feli: It's not like I chose to see it.
Jolly: Of course.
Jolly: The powers of the Arcana are based upon your feelings.
Jolly: Our lady is young, so she can't control it.
Jolly: Because you are still a child...
Luca: Do not lay your hands on her.
Luca: You read Libertà's heart?
Luca: Could it be? You had an immodest image of my lady?!
TS: Di—ng
Libertà: And what do you think is immodest?!
Luca: It... It is...
Luca: My apologies, my lady.
Debito: My condolences.
Pace: Look.
Pace: Dante's about to greet us.
Dante: Gentlemen,
Dante: though you are busy,
Dante: the Arcana Famiglia's papà,
Dante: Mondo, expresses his gratitude for your attendance today.
Dante: Firstly, Papà has an announcement.
Man A: The head of the family!
Man B: Glory to Arcana!
Mondo: Gentlemen, how good of you be here!
Mondo: Today, I turn fifty-nine years old.
Mondo: You gentlemen are the reason I can take it in stride.
Mondo: Our island, Regalo, has seen many hardships.
Mondo: Marauding pirates,
Mondo: foreign invaders,
Mondo: shortage of supplies,
Mondo: the brutalities of rulers,
Mondo: rampant disease.
Mondo: The list goes on and on.
Mondo: And yet here we are—a family.
Mondo: Because, with the power of the Arcana, we overcame it all!
Mondo: However, I'm getting along in years.
Mondo: I was thinking of retiring.
Feli: Papà?
Mondo: Therefore...
Mondo: I thought about choosing a successor from within my group.
Mondo: So, in two months...
Mondo: we will have an Arcana Duello!
Feli: Arcana... Duello?
Mondo: Everyone with an Arcana power will fight.
Mondo: The one who proves himself to have the strongest Arcana power will win.
Mondo: The twenty-first card...
Mondo: Il Mondo!
Mondo: Bearing the name of the World, I swear...
Mondo: the victor will be given the position of papà!
Mondo: And I will fulfill your wish!
Mondo: And one more thing...
Mondo: My daughter, Felicità, shall be his wife.
Feli: Wha...
Libertà: He'll marry Lady?
Nova: Papà, what's the meaning of this?
Pace: What was that? Why's he doing this?
Debito: This is pretty interesting.
Mondo: What is it, Felicità?
Mondo: Got a problem with that?
Feli: I don't... want to be married off!
Mondo: It was your own choice to join the Arcana Famiglia,
Mondo: and this is a family rule.
Mondo: In other words, you will do as I say.
Mondo: Correct?
Mondo: You will become the new mamma and support the family.
Nova: Papà, what for?
Mondo: I have my reasons.
Mondo: However, I don't need to explain myself.
Mondo: If you don't like it,
Mondo: you must defeat me right here.
Luca: Papà!
Pace: She can't do that!
Debito: Shut up. She'll be fine.
Debito: Isn't it exciting?
Mondo: I thought you had confidence in your kicks.
Libertà: Lady...
Feli: The way I live my life...
Feli: is for me to decide!
Mondo: The right to live as you please...
Mondo: no longer belongs to you!
Libertà: Lady!
Luca: My lady!
Mondo: If all you can do is sit and scowl at me,
Mondo: then you're still just a child.
Mondo: While you're at it,
Mondo: how about you shed a tear, too?
Mondo: You might tug at the heartstrings of the men who are participating in the Arcana Duello.
Libertà: You want to just give away Lady's freedom...
Libertà: How could you?! You call yourself a father?!
Dante: Libertà, what are you saying?
Debito: Libertà really is the fool!
Debito: He doesn't think before opening his trap! It's great!
Luca: Debito, don't make fun of him!
Mondo: Libertà, you're saying you don't like it either?
Libertà: Yeah!
Mondo: Then the same goes for you. Defeat me right here!
Mondo: What's the matter?
Mondo: Are you scared of looking as ridiculous as Felicità did?
Libertà: Whether or not I'd look ridiculous...
Libertà: isn't for you to decide!
Feli: Libertà!
Libertà: Nova!
Nova: Papà is,
Nova: of course, the father of our family.
Nova: No matter your motivation,
Nova: I won't let you hurt him.
Libertà: Move!
Nova: Debito?
Debito: Good guess.
Debito: The one I have a contract with is...
Debito: the ninth card, L'Eremita,
Debito: the Hermit.
Nova: So you have the ability to turn invisible.
Libertà: Let go of me! Let go!
Libertà: Don't use your power on me, you blockhead!
Pace: I know how you feel, but...
Pace: if you go against Papà, it won't end well.
Nova: Pace is
Nova: the eleventh card, La Forza,
Nova: a contract with Fortitude.
Nova: His power is staggering.
Nova: No one can beat his strength.
Libertà: Let go...
Pace: Hm?
Libertà: Let go of me!
Pace: Huh?
Mondo: Ridiculous.
Mondo: If you want to give my daughter her freedom,
Mondo: then win the Arcana Duello!
Mondo: If you do...
Mondo: I'll fulfill your wish.
Sumire: Felicità...
Feli: Mamma...
Sumire: You have a chance to win, too.
Sumire: Isn't the way you live your life...
Sumire: yours to decide?
Mondo: The Wheel of Fortune
Mondo: has started to turn.
Mondo: Rebelling against the path set by the tarocchi.
Debito: Marriage isn't to be taken lightly,
Debito: but it wouldn't be so bad tying the knot with Bambina.
Luca: Debito, how dare you?!
Pace: If I got married to the lady...
Pace: life sure would be fun.
Luca: Pace, you too...
Pace: Then what are you doing during the Duello, Luca?
Luca: Naturally, I will be cheering for my lady!
Debito: I don't think that's what Papà said.
Debito: I'm sure he said that everyone with an Arcana power will fight.
Debito: Bambina's a dirty lady.
Debito: Though...
Debito: "dirty", in her case, is like "lovely".
Dante: Mondo comes up with the craziest things.
Jolly: The thought of the lady becoming my wife
Jolly: is quite thrilling.
Dante: Jolly, you mean...
Jolly: What? Do you think I'll lose?
Jolly: Unfortunately, I will not.
Jolly: Not if I go about it seriously.
Feli: Libertà...
Libertà: Lady, chin up!
Libertà: I'm definitely going to win and take the position of papà!
Libertà: And then...
Feli: I'll be... your wife?
Libertà: Wha?
Libertà: Huh?!
Libertà: N-No, not that!
Libertà: I didn't mean that!
Libertà: W-Well...
Libertà: What I meant is...
Libertà: I'll set you free!
Libertà: Okay?
Feli: Okay!
Libertà: Actually...
Libertà: if you were to become my wife, then...
Libertà: I don't know what I'm going on about!
Nova: How oblivious you are.
Libertà: What do you mean by that, you damn doggie?!
Nova: Don't call me a doggie!
Nova: You can't even use your Arcana power that well,
Nova: yet you're dumb enough to think you can win the Arcana Duello.
Nova: That's why you're oblivious.
Libertà: I decided...
Libertà: that I was going to live by my sword.
Libertà: So I don't need to use my Arcana powers.
Nova: Oblivious with haste.
Libertà: But even though I don't use my Arcana, we're the same 'cause you don't, either.
Libertà: I've never seen you use your Arcana powers before.
Nova: Don't compare me with you!
Nova: Don't worry, Felicità.
Nova: Even if I happen to win,
Nova: my wish isn't to marry you.
Libertà: Well, no matter who ends up winning,
Libertà: you're gonna be free, Lady.
Nova: You don't have the slightest possibility of winning.
Libertà: What was that, you doggie?!
Nova: I only speak the truth.
Nova: And don't call me a doggie.
Libertà: Ciao!
Libertà: Next time is about how Lady and I look for the owner of a stray cat.
Libertà: Lady and I can't wait to tell you all about it—HEYWHENDIDTHEDOGGIEGETHERE?! Uwah...
Person: This program was brought to you by these sponsors.
Unnamed: The Arcana Famiglia must decide what to do, so the winner of the Arcana Duello will...
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Unnamed: My lady, please do your best.
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Unnamed: This is the original work of the "Arcana Famiglia" anime!!
Unnamed: Lady and the tarocchi have been kidnapped?!
Unnamed: This is basically advertising the fandisc game.
Unnamed: It has a really stupid name.
Unnamed: "Vascello Fantasma", but the Japanese title is "Sorceror of the Ghost Ship".
Unnamed: I haven't played it yet.
Unnamed: I will protect Lady!
Unnamed: This is a commercial for Sylph (a magazine).
Unnamed: Talking about some more otome games.
Unnamed: I really liked Hakuoki.
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Unnamed: Advertisement for Hitomi Harada's single.
Unnamed: I hate this song.
Unnamed: Advert for the DVD&BluRay, which seems to happen in every show.
Unnamed: If I win the Arcana Duello, maybe I'll give a copy to Lady!
Unnamed: You're so oblivious.
Unnamed: What was that, you doggie?!
Unnamed: Don't call me a doggie!
Unnamed: This is advertising some kinda con, hell if I know. Why are you even still watching the commercials?
Unnamed: I guess I'll mention that Libertà calls Nova\N"little chicky", but that sounds terrible in context.
Unnamed: Holy shit there are a lot of commercials.
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Unnamed: If I buy the fandisc and the blurays, does that mean I get a free Luca coaster?
Unnamed: wareta bin tobichiru amai hachimitsu ga
Unnamed: tsumasaki ni hirogatte
Unnamed: mitakoto no nai chizu tokete mata hitotsu no
Unnamed: nanika ga mezameru no
Unnamed: munamoto minai de kakushite
Unnamed: tokui ni no kosuchuumu de
Unnamed: suisei it all was nokotte
Unnamed: koko kara kawaritai
Unnamed: nibui kako ni junkyo wo
Unnamed: kagami no sekai wo nukedashitai no
Unnamed: kaerenakute mo ii
Unnamed: shiranai sekai wo mite mitai no
Unnamed: doa nobbu chein kowashite
Unnamed: kakedasu magenta no asa
Unnamed: 割れた瓶飛び散る 甘い蜂蜜が
Unnamed: つま先に広がって
Unnamed: 見たことのない地図 溶けてまた一つの
Unnamed: 何かが目覚めるの
Unnamed: 胸元見ないで隠して
Unnamed: 得意にのコスチュームで
Unnamed: 彗星 It all was 残って
Unnamed: ここから変わりたい
Unnamed: 鈍い過去に準拠を
Unnamed: 鏡の世界を抜け出したいの
Unnamed: Take me higher, take me to heaven
Unnamed: 帰れなくてもいい
Unnamed: 知らない世界を見て見たいの
Unnamed: ドアノッブチェーン壊して
Unnamed: 駆け出すMagentaの朝
Unnamed: Pieces of the broken bottle scattered, and the sweet honey
Unnamed: Gushed down to my toes
Unnamed: A map with nothing on it, fading and once more
Unnamed: Something awoke in me
Unnamed: I hide what's deep in my heart so others can't see
Unnamed: Wearing a costume of pride
Unnamed: A comet, it all was left behind
Unnamed: I want to change who I am
Unnamed: Based on the past I hold onto
Unnamed: I want to break away from a mirrored world
Unnamed: I don't care if I never come back
Unnamed: I want to see all of the world that I hadn't known,
Unnamed: Break the chain on the door knob,
Unnamed: And run into the magenta morning
Unnamed: samayou kage to ishi datta ni
Unnamed: kaze ga hagasu you ni fuita
Unnamed: toumei na kakoi no naka de
Unnamed: hatenai sora bakari miageteta
Unnamed: tooku e ikou to kimeta
Unnamed: fugedai yuutsu kokoro ni haitta mama
Unnamed: wasuikireta yume wo kakae kakedasu bokura wa
Unnamed: mou mayoi wa shinai
Unnamed: Pieces of treasure
Unnamed: muchuu de korogari mihirakare nagai ya kura da
Unnamed: konna konna ni nanka hitokakera nante treasure
Unnamed: 彷徨う影と意志だったに
Unnamed: 風が剥がすように吹いた
Unnamed: 透明な囲いの中で
Unnamed: 果てない空ばかり見上げてた
Unnamed: 遠くへ行こうと決めた
Unnamed: 不外題 憂鬱 心に入ったまま
Unnamed: 忘い切れた夢を抱え駆け出す僕らは
Unnamed: もう迷いはしない
Unnamed: 夢中で転がり見開かれ長い夜暗だ
Unnamed: こんなこんなになんか 一欠けらなんてTreasure
Unnamed: I was determined to be a wandering shadow
Unnamed: In the wind that seemed as\Nthough it would tear me apart
Unnamed: But within my transparent enclosure,
Unnamed: All I could do was look up into the endless sky
Unnamed: I decided to travel into the distance
Unnamed: With a nameless melancholy in my heart
Unnamed: Off we raced with broken dreams in our arms
Unnamed: We'll never doubt ourselves again
Unnamed: When we opened our eyes from our daydreams, we saw the long, dark night
Unnamed: And now, and now like this, every piece is a treasure

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