Why Young Japanese Have no Girlfriends of Boyfriends

Posted by Ambivalent on July 31, 2011

This interesting statistic is not quite the newest already, but for everyone who wonders why 70% of Japanese men in their twenties have no girlfriends (and 63% of women have no boyfriends) I offer a very practical explanation: it's all the fault of anime and games!!! Burrrrrn!!

On a more serious note, this tendency is likely to be mirrored in all of Western Europe and North America within the next years. Japan is just, as usual, leading the way. The current generation with its focus on fun and games, and hightech methods of avoiding pregnancy, may well lead the Western world into a demographic demise - and that includes Japan, which is already two-thirds of the way there.

What to do?

Maybe some free hentai from the government and an hour to go home earlier a week to have sex nationwide (as recently tried in South Korea) might help. Or maybe not.

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The New Concept of Japanese Missile Defense

Posted by Ambivalent on July 11, 2011

With such a missile defense, there's nothing to fear from North Korea! Feast your eyes on the elaborate multi-stage concept involving a Shinku high-altitude early-phase interception, EVAs countering in the ballistic flight phase, and Yamato and Gundams cleaning it up at reentry. The final stage is handled by nobody other than Doraemon himself - in your face, Kim Jong Il!

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How Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Predicted the 9.0 Earthquake in Japan

Posted by Ambivalent on Mar 18, 2011

This would be ironic if it were not so tragic. Real life has just once again shown how realistic anime can be. If you have seen Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, it is a shocklingly realistic depiction of what would happen if a large earthquake were to hit Tokyo. Its sheer realism was just very severely demonstrated by life - in the wake of the great 9.0 earthquake near the coast of Sendai, some 10000 people died and about half a million lost their homes.

Luckily, no major structures collapsed due to the earthquake, but the following tsunami swept over large parts of the northeastern Japanese coast, leaving just rubble where many small coastal towns previously were.

Morale? There is none, really. Life is tough. Perhaps not to rely on outdated American power plants built in a seismically active area and without an adequate emergency cooling system and proper maintenance?

At the end of the day, all our talk doesn't count much. Actions do. Help Japan and its animation industry here.

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Is Madoka Magica the cruelest magical girl show ever?

Posted by Ambivalent on Feb 11, 2011

I am not easy to shock. I've seen quite a few anime (and RL movies) with lots of blood, gore, and body parts being splattered all around.

But a scene in the latest episode of Madoka Magica had me literally frozen with... I don't even know how to describe it. A weird combination of disgust, pity, premonition and anger.

I have no problems at all when people die in anime. Even in a brutal, graphic way. If it's the right people. For example, when Kenshiro brutally slaughters a batallion of bad guys, with their heads exploding in a fountain of blood, I'm all cheering him up while chewing popcorn.

But I really don't like it when anime/manga authors introduce nice, kind, friendly and helpful characters - like Mami - and then have them die a horrible, sickening death for no real reason at all. Even without a fight. Like a traffic accident, but 10 times worse.

This is just evil. It sends cold shivers down my spine.

And even if it was predictable - I felt this was coming as early as ep 1, since Madoka Magica is way, way too dark to get away without murdering anyone - it hits like a truck when it arrives.

This is one of the things that are pretty much unique to Japan - or maybe Asia - in my opinion. I haven't seen any European or American writers handle their protagonists - and Mami is, without a doubt, a positive and important protagonist - in such a coldblooded and cruel fashion. Even after many years of watching anime, I still can't get used to this.

Maybe it's the thinking that every single individual - no matter how good - is expendable and everyone should work for the greater good of the society. Maybe it's the Buddhist philosophy that one shouldn't take life too seriously. Maybe it's because they believe that the necessary dramatic level won't get reached without sacrificing a few characters who the viewers have already got to like. I don't know.

But the effect is quite devastating. At least on me.


Anonymous wrote
on March 23, 2011

i didnt think it was that bad.. its a nice show

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