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Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: その人の名は…ロエル\NHis name is Lowell
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: 1
Unnamed: はじめてのキス!\NFirst kiss!
Unnamed: isoide bakari inaide
Unnamed: Don't be hasty all the time
Unnamed: 急いでばかりいないで
Unnamed: tokiniha tachidomari
Unnamed: Take the time to stop
Unnamed: 時には立ち止まり
Unnamed: mawari no hito no kageboushi funde mimasen ka
Unnamed: Why not walk in the shadows of people around you?
Unnamed: まわりの人の影法師 踏んでみませんか
Unnamed: ashimoto kara hana ga
Unnamed: Then flowers that caress your feet
Unnamed: 足元から花が
Unnamed: tenohira kara kaze ga
Unnamed: and the wind that touches your hands
Unnamed: 手のひらから風が
Unnamed: will greet you right way
Unnamed: unazuki kaeshite kureru deshou
Unnamed: うなずき返して くれるでしょう
Unnamed: nee kigatsuite shiawase ha
Unnamed: Truly, you will find happiness someday
Unnamed: ねえ 気が付いて 幸せは
Unnamed: anata no kokoro hitotsude mitsukaru wa
Unnamed: in the bottom of your heart!
Unnamed: あなたの心ひとつで 見つかるわ
Unnamed: nee kigatsuite shiawase ha
Unnamed: Truly, you will find happiness someday
Unnamed: ねえ 気が付いて 幸せは
Unnamed: anata no kokoro hitotsude mitsukaru wa
Unnamed: in the bottom of your heart!
Unnamed: あなたの心ひとつで 見つかるわ
Unnamed: Georgie
Unnamed: Georgie
Unnamed: ジョージィ
Unnamed: Lady Georgie!
Unnamed: Lady Georgie
Unnamed: レディジョージィ
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: ジョージィ
Unnamed: When I whisper your name
Unnamed: sono nawo tsubuya keba
Unnamed: その名をつぶやけば
Unnamed: A rainbow suddenly ablaze in my tears
Unnamed: namida ni itsushika niji ga tomoru
Unnamed: 涙にいつしか虹がともる
Unnamed: The colour of the wind, the people's greetings
Unnamed: kaze no iro hito no aisatsu
Unnamed: 風の色 人のあいさつ
Unnamed: All this is wonderful
Unnamed: minna kirei nee
Unnamed: みんなきれいねえ
Unnamed: All these greetings
Unnamed: ohayou no kotoba ga 
Unnamed: おはようの言葉が
Unnamed: will change into fluttering letters
Unnamed: choucho no tegami ninatte
Unnamed: ちょうちょの手紙になって
Unnamed: Flying towards your window
Unnamed: anato no madobe he nagare
Unnamed: あなたの窓辺へ流れ
Unnamed: Flying, floating, shouting loudly
Unnamed: tonde tsutaete
Unnamed: とんで伝えて
Unnamed: Flying towards your window
Unnamed: anato no madobe he nagare
Unnamed: あなたの窓辺へ流れ
Unnamed: Flying, floating, shouting loudly
Unnamed: tonde tsutaete
Unnamed: とんで伝えて
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: ジョージィ
Unnamed: Lady Georgie!
Unnamed: Lady Georgie
Unnamed: レディジョージィ
Unnamed: Thank you for your kindness
Unnamed: yasashisa wo arigatou
Unnamed: やさしさをありがとう
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: Georgie!
Unnamed: ジョージィ
Unnamed: Lady Georgie!
Unnamed: Lady Georgie
Unnamed: レディジョージィ
Unnamed: Thank you for your love
Unnamed: ai wo arigatou
Unnamed: 愛をありがとう
Unnamed: The railway was completed in Sydney in 1855.
Unnamed: And today is the opening ceremony.
Unnamed: People wanted to see a moving mass of steel {}
Unnamed: and they were there since morning.
Unnamed: Quick, quick!\NThe ceremony will begin!
Unnamed: Arthur, Abel, hurry up!
Unnamed: You're impatient as usual, Georgie.
Unnamed: Yes, when will the day you behave like a real lady? {}
Unnamed: Well, I never!
Unnamed: Fine! So be it, I will not say a word, like a real lady.{}
Unnamed: Really?
Unnamed: It's impossible.
Unnamed: She will not hold up until then.
Unnamed: Yes. For sure.
Unnamed: Yahoo, Uncle Kevin!
Unnamed: Oh? Why, if it isn't Georgie being lively as usual!
Unnamed: Oh, and Abel is with you!
Unnamed: It's been a long time, Uncle Kevin.
Unnamed: You sure are lucky to arrive on time for the ceremony.
Unnamed: But Uncle Kevin, we must hurry or we'll be late!
Unnamed: No, no need to rush.
Unnamed: The train leaves at noon.
Unnamed: That's all that interests me. The rest is speech.
Unnamed: I want to see everything! Absolutely all of it!
Unnamed: So, let's go!
Unnamed: Don't worry about me. Go on ahead.
Unnamed: Thank you, Uncle Kevin!\NHurry up, Arthur!
Unnamed: Alrighty.
Unnamed: Move it!
Unnamed: - Here we go!\N- Yes. Be careful.
Unnamed: - See you later.\N- Yes, we will meet there.{}
Unnamed: Move it!
Unnamed: Bye, Sir William Adams Junior!
Unnamed: Look, Georgie is already far ahead.
Unnamed: What's wrong?
Unnamed: I have to go to Mrs. Potter's store.
Unnamed: I told her I would pick up the money from the wool sale.{}
Unnamed: What? If we go now, we'll never arrive on time for the ceremony!
Unnamed: We will not take too long, so it's okay.{}
Unnamed: But all the good spots will be taken quickly.
Unnamed: But I told her I would pass by this morning.
Unnamed: - What luck...\N- I have an idea, Georgie!
Unnamed: The two of us can go ahead to reserve a spot.
Unnamed: But brother, it will be crowded with people.
Unnamed: That's right, how are we going to find you there?
Unnamed: Don't worry. I will find you in Mom's parasol.\NI'll call for you.
Unnamed: Are you sure?
Unnamed: It's settled!\NCome on, Georgie! Let's go!
Unnamed: Yes!
Unnamed: Move it!
Unnamed: Move!
Unnamed: Wow, incredible! There are a lot of people!{}
Unnamed: Where is the train?
Unnamed: Abel, it's over there!
Unnamed: Damn! We can only see the smoke.
Unnamed: No, I can't see anything!
Unnamed: Georgie, let's try move forward a little.
Unnamed: Sure.
Unnamed: Arthur, I'm really glad.
Unnamed: Our wool is the best according to Mrs. Potter.{}
Unnamed: Yes, I shall work even harder for next year.
Unnamed: We make more money from wool than corn or wheat.
Unnamed: Indeed.
Unnamed: It's no use, Georgie. There are a lot of people here too.
Unnamed: What about this way?
Unnamed: I'm glad. We arrived on time for the ceremony.
Unnamed: - Wow, what a crowd!\N- Where are those two?
Unnamed: Georgie...
Unnamed: It's going to be hard to find them in this crowd.
Unnamed: Say, Abel.\N- Yes.
Unnamed: - Bend over, would you?\N- Why?
Unnamed: I'll climb on your shoulders and look for Mom's parasol.
Unnamed: On my shoulders?
Unnamed: - But...\N- Come on, hurry up.
Unnamed: I have no choice. But only for a short while.
Unnamed: Alright.
Unnamed: - Hold on.\N- Yes!
Unnamed: So?
Unnamed: - Uh, over there!\N- Eh, Mom?
Unnamed: - In the middle of the place.\N- Really?
Unnamed: How lucky! They are in the middle when they arrived after us?
Unnamed: Really incredible. Standing firmly.
Unnamed: Eyes shining sharply!
Unnamed: Then she must be angry at us.
Unnamed: - Let's go.\N- Where?
Unnamed: To join Mom.
Unnamed: - What are you talking about?\N- What are you talking about?
Unnamed: - The train, of course.\N- I was talking about Mom.
Unnamed: Do you see them?
Unnamed: It's impossible with this many people.
Unnamed: By all means, Madam.
Unnamed: No, I cannot...
Unnamed: Pass through, Mom.{}
Unnamed: - Got it? You've gotta look for her parasol.\N- Yeah.
Unnamed: Wow...{}
Unnamed: So, did you find it?
Unnamed: No, there are so many. I haven't got a clue.{}
Unnamed: What?
Unnamed: You're welcome.
Unnamed: Wow, this is the train!
Unnamed: I wonder where Abel and Georgie are...
Unnamed: - Madam, were you with others?\N- Yes, with my son and daughter.
Unnamed: You have a daughter?\NI would love to meet her.
Unnamed: She must be very pretty.
Unnamed: I can tell by your image.
Unnamed: The children always resemble their parents.
Unnamed: My, I'm flattered.
Unnamed: The ceremony is starting, Mom.
Unnamed: A-Abel, I want to get down.
Unnamed: - Don't move!\N- But it's embarrassing, right?
Unnamed: - You want to see the ceremony, right?\N- Yes...
Unnamed: - It's nice to see, right?\N- Yes.
Unnamed: Then, don't be embarrassed.
Unnamed: If you are happy, I am too.
Unnamed: Look, it's Colonel Gray.\NThe governor of Sydney!
Unnamed: He's pretty elegant!{}
Unnamed: Who is the young man beside him?
Unnamed: Don't you know him?
Unnamed: He is Lowell J. Gray, the governor's grandson.\N- Handsome!
Unnamed: Hmm, Lowell J. Gray, is it?
Unnamed: - The girl at his side would be his fiancée!\N- My!
Unnamed: - An aristocrat.\N- I guess so!
Unnamed: An aristocrat? They live in a different world than we do.
Unnamed: Ah, Mom, it's Georgie!
Unnamed: But what is she standing on?
Unnamed: Abel must be carrying her on his shoulders.
Unnamed: - How shameful!\N- Is that your daughter?
Unnamed: No, not at all!
Unnamed: But, I feel that I've seen him before...
Unnamed: Someplace...
Unnamed: He looks like him!
Unnamed: - It can't be!\N- Georgie!
Unnamed: This can't be the grandson of the governor.
Unnamed: I'm sure of it. He only resembles him from the back.
Unnamed: Very well...
Unnamed: Hey, you show off! Yahoo!
Unnamed: Soft blue eyes as the sky...
Unnamed: Lowell J. Gray!
Unnamed: - Who just shouted like that?\N- How rude.
Unnamed: That doesn't beseem Mr. Lowell!
Unnamed: - Georgie!\N- Oh no!
Unnamed: What should I do?
Unnamed: Oh my, what is she doing?
Unnamed: She isn't really my daughter.
Unnamed: I swear!
Unnamed: Come on, Arthur, I'm not feeling well.\NExcuse me!
Unnamed: How shameful!
Unnamed: - Who is she?\N- She ruined the ceremony.
Unnamed: How horrible!
Unnamed: I didn't...I didn't!{}
Unnamed: I didn't mean to!{}
Unnamed: Hey, Georgie!
Unnamed: Run for it, Abel!
Unnamed: {}Well, we have no choice.
Unnamed: Hang on! Here we go!
Unnamed: It was too funny!{}
Unnamed: You haven't changed a bit, Georgie!
Unnamed: You don't have to laugh like that, Abel.
Unnamed: With you around anything can happen.
Unnamed: You are evil.
Unnamed: But what made you do that?
Unnamed: Really, I don't know why I did that.{}
Unnamed: It was unnecessary.{}
Unnamed: {}And also, he's an English aristocrat.
Unnamed: They live in different world than we do.
Unnamed: - Georgie?\N- Ah!
Unnamed: - What's wrong?\N- It's nothing.
Unnamed: I only wanted to see what the face of an aristocrat looks like.
Unnamed: Ah, I see.
Unnamed: All aristocrats look alike.
Unnamed: They are all pale and so genteel like girls.
Unnamed: Say, Abel... What happened to Arthur and Mom?
Unnamed: So, if they were at the ceremony...
Unnamed: - They must have seen us...\N- That means...
Unnamed: We couldn't even see the ceremony all because of Georgie.
Unnamed: It was so embarassing!
Unnamed: It's alright. Nobody saw that you were her mother.
Unnamed: Then why were people staring at me?
Unnamed: Because you panicked.
Unnamed: Mom, the train is leaving!
Unnamed: But what about it, Arthur? You cannot see it.
Unnamed: No problem.\NIf it leaves the city, we'll be able to see it.
Unnamed: We won't be able to see the train leaving.
Unnamed: - We'll just wait for it here.\N- Here?
Unnamed: Look, if we take the horse, we will land on the railroad.
Unnamed: We will see it from a special place.
Unnamed: That boy will surely be on the train.{}
Unnamed: I know!\NSay, Abel...
Unnamed: I want to ask you something!\N- Eh?
Unnamed: Look, there are a few people around.{} We'll be able to see it clearly.
Unnamed: That's true. You're clever.
Unnamed: Look, Uncle Kevin is here!
Unnamed: Uncle Kevin, were you waiting here?
Unnamed: Yes, I wanted to avoid the crowd.
Unnamed: So I decided to wait here instead.
Unnamed: Mom, I want to see the train closer!
Unnamed: Oh, Arthur!
Unnamed: Is it okay for him to stand so close?
Unnamed: That mass of steel...
Unnamed: Scary!
Unnamed: Incredible!
Unnamed: Magnificent!
Unnamed: Hey! Hey!
Unnamed: Hey!
Unnamed: This will be their time.
Unnamed: Hey! Yahoo!
Unnamed: The young will replace the old.
Unnamed: The same way the train is going to replace our carts.
Unnamed: Hey!
Unnamed: I feel sad and lonely that my children are going to leave me.
Unnamed: But it's our duty as parents to support
Unnamed: and help them move forward.
Unnamed: Abel, can you catch up with the train?
Unnamed: I'll try.
Unnamed: I'm counting on you.
Unnamed: All right! Move it!
Unnamed: Georgie, for you I would do anything.
Unnamed: If you wanted to reach the heavens, I would fly.
Unnamed: What are you thinking of, Lowell?
Unnamed: - Is it about that girl from earlier?\N- Me? But why?
Unnamed: Just a thought...
Unnamed: Do you see them?
Unnamed: No, they are still ahead.
Unnamed: Very well, move!
Unnamed: She was good in drawing attention.{}
Unnamed: Australians {}are full of spirit.
Unnamed: She is special.
Unnamed: You like that kind of girl?
Unnamed: Not my type.
Unnamed: Sorry about what happened!
Unnamed: Give this bouquet to your fiancée!
Unnamed: I wish you happiness!
Unnamed: Goodbye!
Unnamed: That bracelet...
Unnamed: I've seen it before, a long time ago...
Unnamed: What a beautiful bouquet.
Unnamed: Maybe they are also engaged like us.
Unnamed: It's made me jealous to see you give a bouquet to another boy.
Unnamed: Silly you... It was for his fiancée.
Unnamed: And you also have a girlfriend, Jessica.
Unnamed: No, that's not true!
Unnamed: Don't worry, I won't say a thing to Mom or Arthur.
Unnamed: She really isn't!
Unnamed: Georgie has touched a new feeling in her heart.
Unnamed: His eyes are sky blue.
Unnamed: His name is Lowell J. Gray.
Unnamed: You know what?
Unnamed: There is going to be a boomerang contest!
Unnamed: I want to participate but only boys can.
Unnamed: However, I'm going to disguise myself.
Unnamed: And my goodness, there's Lowell and his fiancée, Elise.
Unnamed: What should I do? It's so embarrassing!
Unnamed: Lady Georgie 24:\N"First kiss!"
Unnamed: Don't miss it!

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