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[ARR] Vicky the Little Viking - 01 [CENSORED][F138D0CF].mkv

Series: unknown (our guess is Vicky the Little Viking)
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[ARR] Vicky the Little Viking - 01 [CENSORED][F138D0CF].mkv dialogue

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Unnamed: This is an old map of Scandinavia, and there is the village of Flake on the sea. It's from this little village, that the Vikings used to go on their famous voyages in search of adventure and treasure.
Unnamed: As soon as their ships appeared with the famous dragon figurehead then everyone knew who was coming.
Unnamed: This is Ulme, the ship’s poet, and this is the chief, Halvar. They’re on their way back to the village after a voyage at sea.
Unnamed: Chief, I can see the village from here!
Unnamed: Give me that!
Unnamed: You’re looking with your patched eye!
Unnamed: Oh, really!
Unnamed: Everyone’s come out to welcome us back!
Unnamed: Hooray!
Unnamed: Faster!
Unnamed: How pleasant is native sea!
Unnamed: Mom! I'm back, Mom!
Unnamed: Wait for me!
Unnamed: Hey you boy! Where’s my son Vicky, he hasn’t come to meet me?
Unnamed: I dunno... Wait!
Unnamed: I know where he is; he’s gone to the forest to chase a wolf.
Unnamed: Vicky’s chasing a wolf?!
Unnamed: No, no, the wolf’s chasing him!
Unnamed: Ylva, Ylva, I’m back my dear wife!
Unnamed: Is that you my dear?
Unnamed: I’ve brought you a gold necklace; a horn for Vicky; silk; sweets and lots of other things!
Unnamed: I wanted to greet you at the shore, but I thought I’d make you a delicious meal instead!
Unnamed: Where’s Vicky, hasn’t he returned yet?
Unnamed: What? Didn’t you see him on shore?
Unnamed: No, his friend Ylvie said she saw him and a wolf going towards the forest.
Unnamed: Vicky’s chasing a wolf in the forest?!
Unnamed: No, it’s the wolf that’s chasing Vicky! I’m the chief of Flake and my only son’s a coward!
Unnamed: He’s not a coward! He’s very clever.
Unnamed: He’s the son of the strongest man in Flake, so he has to be strong like his father!
Unnamed: When I was his age, I chased the wolves not the other way round! All the wolves were afraid of me.
Unnamed: They used to run away from me as soon as they saw me. I was always strong and brave, and I always won.
Unnamed: They could never get away, even if they ran like the wind into deep water.
Unnamed: I would catch them in no time at all Ylva! I was like a legend to them! I was a legend...
Unnamed: I’m sure that Vicky will use his brains and the result will be the same.
Unnamed: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Unnamed: He’s a coward; I’m so ashamed of him!
Unnamed: I won’t allow you to say that, he’s a very intelligent boy!
Unnamed: I'm home!
Unnamed: Oh, Vicky!
Unnamed: Hello Father!
Unnamed: Tell me how you got away from the wolf.
Unnamed: I know every rock and tree in the forest, so I can hide from the wolf!
Unnamed: I told you he’s very careful and knows how to care of himself.
Unnamed: But he should’ve been brave and acted like a real man!
Unnamed: Using ones brains doesn’t make you a coward; this is who he is.
Unnamed: I'm hungry.
Unnamed: Will be ready soon.
Unnamed: Are all these things for us?
Unnamed: Yes, all of them. I looted them from the South! This horn’s for you, Son.
Unnamed: Thank you Father.
Unnamed: Don’t you want to know how we got this salt?
Unnamed: Yes!
Unnamed: On the tenth day of our journey, we attacked the village of Vixelburg!
Unnamed: Vixelburg?
Unnamed: The chief was a great man who lived with his people in a big castle surrounded by two or three moats filled with water.
Unnamed: And on the top was a flag with a bull, the symbol for strength, on it.
Unnamed: We fought bravely; we were six and they were in their hundreds!
Unnamed: Take this!
Unnamed: They gave us salt so we would spare their lives.
Unnamed: What an exciting story! Thanks!
Unnamed: Is this the salt from your story?
Unnamed: Yes.
Unnamed: It’s not salt, it’s sand!
Unnamed: What?! That’s impossible!
Unnamed: It's sand, they’ve tricked us! I’ll never forgive them for this, they made fun of us!
Unnamed: You should’ve looked at the bottom of the bag!
Unnamed: You should think before you act.
Unnamed: I didn’t have time for that; I’m the strongest man in the village!
Unnamed: Thank you.
Unnamed: That’s the difference between you and Vicky; he’s never tricked by anyone.
Unnamed: Alright, we’ll have a contest to find out who’s better; your brains or my strength.
Unnamed: Alright, as long as I don’t have to use my fists.
Unnamed: How about a competition moving stones?
Unnamed: That sounds good.
Unnamed: I bet Vicky will win.
Unnamed: NO, ME!
Unnamed: VICKY!
Unnamed: If he wins, I’ll give you a necklace made from sawfish teeth!
Unnamed: What will you give me?
Unnamed: What could I give you to make you happy?
Unnamed: I want to go on one of your voyages, so I can see the world and the battles.
Unnamed: If you win, I’ll take you with me!
Unnamed: If you beat me I’ll take you on the next voyage!
Unnamed: That’s great Father!
Unnamed: A child can’t go on a voyage.
Unnamed: I’m in charge here and what I say goes!
Unnamed: Do you promise Father?
Unnamed: The promise of a chief!
Unnamed: You’re putting his life in danger!
Unnamed: Don’t worry, he won’t die!
Unnamed: I’m sure Vicky will win.
Unnamed: Halvar and Vicky decided to compete, but how will someone like Vicky beat a strong man like his father? Now it begins…
Unnamed: You must move all stones to that tree over there, and whoever finishes first is the winner.
Unnamed: Your pile looks smaller than mine!
Unnamed: Let’s change then!
Unnamed: Alright, if that’s what you want.
Unnamed: Wait a minute.
Unnamed: What now Father?
Unnamed: From here your pile looks smaller.
Unnamed: Let’s change over again then.
Unnamed: We put the same number, weight and size rocks!
Unnamed: I’ll move two rocks at a time.
Unnamed: Vicky’s going to win.
Unnamed: Who are you supporting you idiot?!
Unnamed: I bet you’re too scared to say who, I think Vicky’s going to win!
Unnamed: Don’t say that!
Unnamed: Good guys don’t fight!
Unnamed: Stop fighting.
Unnamed: Not now chief, it’s just a test!
Unnamed: Y-You’re just testing?!
Unnamed: Get ready!
Unnamed: Is he still testing?
Unnamed: No, no, it’s the start signal!
Unnamed: Come on Vicky, come on!
Unnamed: Oh no...
Unnamed: This job is for the strong not the weak.
Unnamed: You’d better hurry up Father, or I’ll beat you!
Unnamed: What?! I’ll have all these rocks moved within a minute!
Unnamed: Go Chief!
Unnamed: Shut up!
Unnamed: Don't fight!
Unnamed: What’s wrong Vicky, are you tired?
Unnamed: No, not at all.
Unnamed: Then you’ve given up?
Unnamed: No, I’m working hard.
Unnamed: Working hard? Are you joking?
Unnamed: No, my brain is working.
Unnamed: I’ve never used my brain before.
Unnamed: Please leave me; I can’t think with you watching me!
Unnamed: What a shame for our family.
Unnamed: Hey Faxy, can you see what Vicky’s doing?
Unnamed: He’s lying down in the field.
Unnamed: Why? Does he get tired that easily?
Unnamed: Hey you, wanna fight?
Unnamed: Stop it both of you, Vicky’s going to win.
Unnamed: Win?
Unnamed: How?
Unnamed: He’s thinking about something.
Unnamed: Vicky got up again!
Unnamed: He’s running back to his home.
Unnamed: He’s back pushing a cart.
Unnamed: Vicky, what are you thinking of?
Unnamed: He’s putting a stake.
Unnamed: Why?
Unnamed: How clever!
Unnamed: Do you know what he’s up to?
Unnamed: Just watch him.
Unnamed: Rocks flying through the air?!
Unnamed: It works like a catapult!
Unnamed: Vicky, Vicky!
Unnamed: Thank you, thank you!
Unnamed: Huh?
Unnamed: Hooray! Vicky!
Unnamed: I’m so proud of you Vicky.
Unnamed: You’ve won Vicky fair and square!
Unnamed: You didn’t forget your promise Father?
Unnamed: No, I’ll take you out to sea. A chief always keeps his word.
Unnamed: I’m worried Vicky about you going on this sea voyage; you’re still so young.
Unnamed: Don’t worry Mother; you know I can take care of myself.
Unnamed: That’s right! He’s one of the brave Vikings! This is for you Son.
Unnamed: For me?! Oh, Father!
Unnamed: It was made especially for the youngest Viking.
Unnamed: It’s wonderful! Thank you so much Father!
Unnamed: I feel like a big strong man now!
Unnamed: I’m going to be all alone.
Unnamed: Don’t worry; we’ll be back soon. Vicky’s safe with me..
Unnamed: Like you take care of yourself!
Unnamed: And so, Vicky will go on the next sea voyage with his father.
Unnamed: He’s the youngest Viking, but he’s also the smartest. See you next time in another episode of Vicky the Viking.

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